Corporate Social Responsibility - The Sharpe Centre For Social Impact
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility or corporate citizenship? Business ethics or transparency? Sustainable development or accountability? Which term is right?


These terms are often used interchangeably, and though at any time one may be more in vogue than the others, they all, in effect, address the same thing.


Here at the Sharpe Centre, we define corporate citizenship as the business strategy that shapes the values underpinning a company’s mission and the choices made each day by its executives, managers and employees as they engage with society. We believe that four core principles define the essence of corporate citizenship, and that every company should apply them in a manner appropriate to its distinct needs: minimizing harm, maximizing benefit, being accountable and responsive to stakeholders, and supporting strong financial results.


If businesses are to succeed in tomorrow’s economy, the metrics by which success is defined and measured must evolve. The Sharpe Centre For Social Impact helps organisations measure, understand and communicate the social or economic value their activities create. By doing this, their stories of success can be backed up with facts that improve their outcomes.