Case Studies - The Sharpe Centre For Social Impact
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Case Studies

Case Study – Adopt A Nipper

Measuring Social Impact on the Central Coast




The pilot program, Adopt-A-Nipper, designed by Central Coast Social Innnovation Architect Gaye Crispin, aimed to get more kids involved in Nippers by removing fees as a stumbling block.


The program, a first of its kind, initially offered 50 FREE ‘Nipperships’ to local school children from The Entrance Public School children aged between 6 to 10 years, and is sponsored by;


  • The Entrance SLSC
  • The Entrance Public School
  • Retail Traders 2261
  • The Entrance Business Owners Association
  • and many dozens of small and medium businesses from the Coast Lakes region


The program was a Community Project which benefitted and connected everybody involved. It connected the schools, children, their parents, local businesses, and the Surf Life Saving Community all together in a unique and positive way. Sponsoring businesses received a huge amount of support, recognition and benefits from the program.

Project Aims


  • To help young children develop confidence and competence when swimming in the ocean, so they and their families can confidently enjoy all the benefits of choosing a seaside lifestyle.
  • To support our Surf Life Saving Club that works so hard to ensure the safety of locals and holiday-makers while enjoying our beautiful beaches.
  • To make Nippers enrolment more accessible to all , thereby securing a stronger, sustainable and more resilient future for our local Surf Life Saving Clubs.

Measuring the social impact


The team at the Sharpe Centre worked closely with the Adopt A Nipper pilot program and measured the social impact.


Surf Club and Parent input:
4 volunteers from Surf Life Saving
3 Parent volunteers
Each 5 volunteers contributed 2hrs each per week
Pilot ran over 12 weeks

Estimate each qualified SLSC volunteers on Sunday mornings value at minimum of $50 per hr


Surf Club and Parent output:
Estimate each parent volunteer value at minimum $30 per hr
4x2x12x$50 = $4,800.00 qualified SLSC output value
3x2x12x$30 = $2,160.00 parent output value


Total: $6,960.00 output value


Some of the benefits to 35 nippers:
Learned beach safety
Participating in group and family activities
Experienced club sport
Experienced new environment
Free membership in club
Free uniform
Made new friends
And other benefits 


Some of the benefits to the Surf Club:
Membership growth
Created greater awareness of nippers
Over $4000.00 in cash donations so far


Some of the benefits to sponsors:
Public recognition of community support
Parents encouraged to support the local businesses sponsors


Gross output – community contributions:
35 nippers x 2hrs per week x 12 weeks
Personal development for 35 children, training, beach safety, professional instruction, valued at $20 per hr per child.
Kids development value if charged at $20 per hr for Sunday morning training:
35x2x12x$20 = $16,800.00
Plus Surf Club and Parent output: $6,960.00


Equals approx nett contribution to families in the community: $23,760.00