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Our aim at the Sharpe Centre For Social Impact is to facilitate community driven conversation, participation and a forum for a brighter Central Coast.

From the start, the team at the Sharpe Centre have adopted a broad scope of enquiry, focusing on mission driven projects across the public and private sectors on the Central Coast.


With the adaption of management theories we have fuelled the development of new frameworks tailored to unique strategy considerations within the social sector for the Central Coast.


We are developing a body of knowledge that encompasses leadership, strategy and governance of mission driven projects across the spectrum from entrepreneurial ventures to community organisations. The Sharpe Centre continues to examine the challenges and opportunities in harnessing the power of the markets to create both economic and social value for our local community.


Our Change Agents Case Studies

Michael Sharpe – Founder.


Michael is an active member of the Central Coast community, a dedicated volunteer, a proven leader, a highly successful family businessman, a lifelong resident of the Central Coast, and committed to improving the lives of his fellow locals.


His Speech